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GMedia IT Consulting

If you need help with Microsoft BizTalk Server, you’ve reached the right place. GMedia IT Consulting has worked with a long list of customers, large and small, across many different industries, to architect, develop, and deploy mission-critical business processes using Microsoft BizTalk Server. Whether working on site or remotely, our BizTalk experts can guide you from conception to deployment faster and more effectively than anybody in the industry. From the very first BizTalk version, BizTalk 2000, to the latest and greatest BizTalk 2013. We take pride in delivering fast, flexible and affordable service.

Application Transformation and Modernization Application Transformation services to migrate legacy applications to run on the .Net platform (ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net, SQL Server). Activities include gathering and analyzing business requirements of the legacy system and then designing, building, testing and deploying the new or revised solution.


  • Identify ways to improve performance/reliability/scalability
  • Develop a roadmap and estimate before starting application enhancement
  • Deliver new business value and functionality
  • Identify how to migrate the application to state of the art technologies
  • Streamline, optimize, and simplify legacy applications